Business just got more competitive.

Web-based and tech companies need a higher data transfer rate than your average household. At speeds up to 10 Gbps, the OpenCape infrastructure provides an enticing environment for businesses throughout Southeast Mass. and Cape Cod.

Education just got more connected.

Education demands the ability to move huge amounts of data faster than ever. Whether it’s live streaming of HD video from the space station or virtually sharing the same classroom , it will happen faster than ever.

Government just got more cohesive.

The stability and the redundancy that was carefully engineered into the OpenCape fiber optic infrastructure means that even in some of the worst case scenarios, local government and emergency services can stay safely and clearly connected.

Development just got more compelling.

Marconi would be astonished to see how far we’ve come. Again we’re on the edge of a sea of opportunity. OpenCape’s 21st century infrastructure is ready to partner with new businesses in developing of last mile, data and network based services.