Built to Last

OpenCape Corporation is a 501c3 nonprofit technology company headquartered in Barnstable Village at the Barnstable County Complex.

OpenCape owns and operates a state-of-the-art 100% Fiber Optic Network built to serve local governments, businesses, and residents of Southeastern MA, Cape Cod and the Islands. Our 100% Fiber Optic Network is on par with the most sophisticated and technically proficient fiber networks in the world.

OpenCape also offers a variety of internet services as part of our continued focus on advancing the needs and interests of the communities we serve.


Provide local, reliable and affordable broadband access through our state-of-the-art 100% Fiber Optic Network.


Advocate for choice in internet connectivity in our community to improve the quality of life across our region.


Advance the economic development and public sector interests throughout Cape Cod, the Islands and Southeastern MA.

Who We Serve

Broadband services are being provided over the OpenCape 100% Fiber Optic Network to more than 100 institutions, including libraries, government buildings, schools, colleges, hospitals, public safety agencies and research institutions. Businesses that rely on high-speed Internet access and data transfers are choosing OpenCape’s competitive broadband services. Community movements in towns across Cape Cod are paving the way for residential services.

How Our Customers Use OpenCape

Public safety officials have fiber optic and microwave pathways to ensure essential communications remain available in harsh conditions.

Barnstable, Falmouth, Mashpee, Nauset, Sandwich public schools as well as Monomoy Regional School District, along with Sturgis East & West now have access to reliable, high-speed bandwidth enabling the use of mobile devices and modern online teaching and research tools.

The Town of Falmouth has leveraged this technology to create a comprehensive municipal network of 19 buildings with super-fast connectivity among town buildings and aggregated Internet and voice service.

Barnstable County is delivering services to towns in an efficient and effective model using a regional Wide Area Network created specifically to advance economies of scale and lower Internet access costs.

Our Technology Future Is Here

Envision a future where widespread and reliable network coverage is the cornerstone of commerce; when new economic centers and remote offices are developed from Cape Cod to New Bedford to Providence. A future where development will reverse historic commuting patterns as well as advance home monitoring and tele-health applications, allowing seniors to remain in their homes longer by connecting through the network to their healthcare providers. Imagine endless opportunities for students on Cape Cod, the Islands and Southeastern MA to connect with and learn from the most highly regarded educational, scientific and cultural institutions around the world. This is OpenCape.