100% Fiber Solutions for All Kinds of Businesses

In today’s business environment having reliable, affordable internet access is essential to ensuring your business not only succeeds, but thrives.

Whether you are a small retail shop on your town’s Main Street or a large healthcare organization serving the entire region, slow and intermittent internet hinders productivity, frustrates employees, and makes for unhappy clients. OpenCape's 100% fiber optic network allows you to reliably connect – every time.

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OpenCape's network offers:

  • A secure, resilient, 100% fiber connection.
  • Unmatchable upload and download speeds, averaging 99.999% uptime.
  • Reliable, 24/7 connectivity | our minimum service level is 250 mbps download/125 mbps upload. Those other guys can’t offer that!
  • Need help integrating your tech? No problem!
  • Need to add phone service? No problem!
  • Need more bandwidth? Just say when! 500 mbps and Gig+ plans available
  • The best customer service from local people who care.
  • The satisfaction of spending your dollars with a locally run and owned, nonprofit internet provider with a mission to offer CHOICE and COMPETITION.

Enterprise pricing

Our Main Street Initiative is focusing on bringing amazing, high speed, ultra-reliable connectivity to your business for $80 a month! Ask us how!

Typical rates start at $270 per month for 20 mbps symmetrical, dedicated service.

This means that your upload speeds are the same as your download speeds - so you can share or upload content as quickly as you can access the Internet. It also means that the bandwidth you get is for the exclusive use of YOUR business . Think of it as a fast, private highway that belongs to your business, for your team only.

Our philosophy on pricing is simple.

OpenCape strives to deliver service that is ultra-reliable and affordable. Our 100% fiber network was designed and built to offer clients in our service footprint an alternative choice that doesn't cost a fortune! Our pricing is based on the cost to provide service and maintain the most advanced state-of-the-art network on the Cape, Islands and SE Mass. We offer additional discounts for nonprofits, schools, libraries and public safety organizations.

Note: Pricing for is for clients entering 3-year contracts. At the 20 mbps level, fees for equipment and IP management are $35 and $5 a month, respectively. Pricing detailed above does not include connections to facilities. For new clients or facilities that are not currently connected, NRC charges would apply.

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Key benefits of fiber optic connectivity


Our dedicated, symmetrical internet gives businesses reliable, redundant service that never waivers or slows down, even on the busiest summer day. Our state-of-the-art 100% fiber optic network provides unmatched symmetrical upload and download speeds from 20mbps to 100GBps or more.


Fiber networks cannot be interrupted as easily as other types of internet connectivity, so they provide more reliable service. Fiber is stronger than copper, resistant to electrical interference, and is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions.


The OpenCape network is designed with geographic diversity, ring architecture, and multiple termination points to the global IP Network to ensure uninterrupted internet service. Customers using our Enterprise Business Service benefit from dual-homing, which automatically adds an extra level of redundancy that no other network in our region does.


As a nonprofit technology company, our mission is to offer the highest speed and most reliable internet, at an affordable price, to businesses across our region. OpenCape's rates for Enterprise Business Service are very competitive, and our Shared Gigabit Internet Service provides smaller businesses who may not need dedicated service with fast, reliable internet at a great price.

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