Fiber Internet Solutions for All Kinds of Businesses

The needs and wants of businesses large and small are as diverse and unique as the types of businesses themselves.

The success of your business depends on connecting with your customers, and that means fast, reliable, consistent internet service. Whether you are a small retail shop on your town’s Main Street, or a large healthcare organization serving the entire region, slow and intermittent internet hinders productivity, frustrates employees, and makes for unhappy clients. OpenCape's 100% Fiber Optic Network allows you to reliably connect every time.

OpenCape is prepared and capable of addressing the needs of businesses of all sizes, from a sole proprietor to a burgeoning business with multiple locations to a mature organization with 1,000+ employees. We understand that local businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and your business deserves specialized and localized attention.

1000 Mbps Upload and Download
45 Towns
100000 Miles of Fiber

Key Benefits of Fiber Optic Connectivity


Our dedicated, symmetrical internet gives businesses reliable, redundant service that never waivers or slows down, even on the busiest summer day. Our state-of-the-art 100% Fiber Optic Network provides unmatched symmetrical upload and download speeds from 20mbps to 100GBps or more.


Fiber networks cannot be interrupted as easily as other types of internet connectivity, so they provide more reliable service. Fiber is stronger than copper, resistant to electrical interference, and is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions.


The OpenCape Network is designed with geographic diversity, ring architecture, and multiple termination points to the global IP Network to ensure uninterrupted internet service. Customers using our Enterprise Business Service benefit from dual-homing, which automatically adds an extra level of redundancy that no other network in our region does.


As a not-for-profit technology company, our mission is to offer the highest speed and most reliable internet, at an affordable price, to businesses across our region. OpenCape's rates for Enterprise Business Service are very competitive, and our Shared Gigabit Internet Service provides smaller businesses who may not need dedicated service with fast, reliable internet at a great price.

The needs and wants of businesses large and small are as diverse and unique as the types of businesses themselves.

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