In today's quickening pace of technological change, effective and efficient solutions for municipalities requires superior internet access and state-of the art equipment

For towns in Southeastern, MA., the Cape and Islands connecting to the OpenCape network is an achievable goal that delivers immediate and measurable benefits such as superior infrastructure, economies of scale and uniformity of service.

The OpenCape network offers town and county governments the opportunity to access a high-speed network in which multiple towns and cities share data intensive applications. 

A great example is Barnstable County Commission’s commitment: 15 towns on Cape Cod have access to multiple 20 Gbps service rings with individual connections at each site at 1Gbps and connectivity into the Regional Collocation Data Center located in Barnstable. This allows information to be communicated within a town, from town to town, and from district to district at lightning-quick speeds in direct paths between locations, not via the Internet.

OpenCape’s fiber optic network and Data Center are fully operational and available for municipal service:

Data Center Services

Our Data Center in Barnstable, MA. provides diverse power feeds, distribution paths, generator systems, redundant cooling systems, and high capacity diverse paths via the network.  The facility provides a secure and reliable location for businesses, governments and schools to locate their servers, backup systems and other technology.

Network Services

The network extends over 500+ miles of fiber optic capacity through all 15 Cape Cod towns as well as Bridgewater, Brockton, Dartmouth, East Bridgewater, Fairhaven, Fall River, Halifax, Kingston, Marion, Mattapoisett, New Bedford, Plymouth, Plympton, Providence, Seekonk, Somerset, Swansea, Wareham and Westport.  Additional connections are made to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.  Relationships with Tier 1 Internet providers in Boston and Providence complement the network’s diverse and redundant design. Click here to view our network map.

High Speed Internet

'Gigabyte Internet access is delivered over the OpenCape 100% fiber optic network, giving you the peace of mind of a state-of-the-art, secure, resilient fiber connection with unmatchable upload and download speeds.

  • Higher bandwidth – 10Mbps to 10Gbps – up to 100 times faster than cable or DSL
  • Symmetrical upload/download speeds
  • Better reliability and redundancy.
  • On-site CPE battery backup
  • Dedicated (not shared) circuits.
  • Point To Point Connectivity
  • Dark Fiber

For towns that want full control of their networking environment, dark fiber services are available. By leasing dark fibers, you can make the OpenCape network function as part of your own local area network or extend your network reach into a wide area network. Dark fiber can be available anywhere on the network footprint, in small segments or across the entire network.

Various local government agencies and town departments, including schools, libraries and public safety organizations, already feel the positive effects of the OpenCape network click here for a case study. With concerns about data transfer speeds or connectivity problems alleviated, these agencies are now able to concentrate their resources into other more critical areas. This results in better service and attention to local citizens and visitors to the area. Towns can determine which technologies they want to use on the fiber to create a truly secure, customized solution and ensure that their municipal network will grow as their town grows. OpenCape is eager to work with towns on their specific needs.

Though the regional wide area network concept was initially focused on the towns on the Cape and Islands, the architecture can be replicated in towns in southeastern Massachusetts along the OpenCape fiber optic network. Network expansions are planned and/or underway that will increase the availability of the network to other towns.