Falmouth Business Gigabit Pilot Program

Through select Pilot Programs, OpenCape gives existing and new businesses the opportunity to connect reliably and affordably to OpenCape's 100% Fiber Optic Network. Pilot Programs allow OpenCape to test methods and best practices as well as to gauge consumer interest and satisfaction while continuing to support Town initiatives.

In 2018, a partnership was formed between the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce, the Falmouth EDIC (Economic Development and Industrial Corporation) and OpenCape to help Falmouth Main Street merchants. Together, they performed an extensive amount of development, planning and community outreach to establish the Falmouth Business Gigabit Pilot Program.

Poor Internet Connectivity

Merchants along Main Street in downtown Falmouth had long been consistently experiencing difficulties related to internet connectivity. At times, these local businesses suffered because they were unable to simply process credit card sales due to slow or intermittent internet.

Provide Businesses with Access to 100% Fiber Optic Network

As part of OpenCape's community-focused mission, we are always striving to create environments that will help businesses thrive. For the Falmouth Business Gigabit Pilot Program, we wanted to help attract and keep a variety of local businesses in Falmouth while revitalizing the Main Street corridor.

Shared Internet Access via GPON

OpenCape built a Gigabyte Passive Optical Network (GPON) with single point to multipoint 100% fiber optic internet connection via passive optical splitters that offers higher downstream speeds. GPON requires minimal equipment for users while satisfying high-density areas and supporting triple play service (voice, data and IP video) at demanding usage rates.

The Falmouth Gigabit Pilot Program covers connections to the downtown Falmouth area as well as to Woods Hole. More than 30 Falmouth business owners are now connected! Plus, the installation is scalable for future connections across the Falmouth region, which can ultimately support a wide swath of Falmouth Chamber of Commerce members.

Reliable final
Affordable final
Piloting Small Business

How is the Falmouth Business Gigabit Pilot Program funded?

After researching a variety of funding opportunities to make the Falmouth Business Gigabit Pilot Program affordable to the business community, OpenCape and its partners collaborated with MassDevelopment and became their initial recipients of a newly launched loan program – TechDollars – which helps nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts implement regional technology initiatives.

In addition, the partnership worked with Falmouth’s Statehouse Delegation to secure a grant from the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development's Mass Office of Business Development to complete the necessary funding package. Using $50,000 of the TechDollars, The Community Connection Fund was created as a collaborative funding mechanism to provide connections for new or existing businesses that want to be able to utilize OpenCape's high-speed and reliable 100% Fiber Optic Network. Working collaboratively, customers of the Falmouth Business Gigabit Pilot Program, OpenCape, the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce and the Falmouth EDIC will be responsible for replenishing this fund in order to allow future businesses to connect affordably.

How can I connect my business to the GPON?

Businesses who are ready for OpenCape’s high-speed and reliable internet can apply online to be placed on a list for review (eligibility conditions will apply). Once you have been verified as an eligible business entity, OpenCape will contact you within 1-2 business days to confirm that you have been placed on OpenCape's connection list.

Prior to GPON connection, OpenCape will follow-up to formalize your Service Order and provide additional details. Once we receive your signed Service Order, we can schedule the installation and set connection dates for your business, as well as answer any questions you may have at that time.

How much will it cost to connect to the GPON

There are two connection cost options:

  1. Pay the total connection cost immediately (approximately $600-$1000, varies by location)
  2. Pay your connection fee over the first 12 months of service