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Absolutely and have been for 3+ Years.   Our business client list is diverse and includes large and small companies like:

  • Hydroid
  • Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • CapeSpace
  • Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority
  • Department of Children and Families
  • Granite Block Global Data Center in Fall River

There’s growing evidence that fiber connectivity encourages businesses to stay, helps businesses grow and become more productive, and attracts new businesses particularly in high-tech industries.

It makes the community a more attractive place to live-especially for young people - which can stem the population loss that many small communities experience.

FTTH is only one component of an overall economic development strategy – but it’s a vitally important one.

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Yeah!   We get this one a is like having a Ferrari parked in your driveway and no keys, FRUSTRATING!

Unlike cable....fiber is connected differently and we have splice points (where the fiber can be connected) every 1,000 feet or so, which means it is a little more complicated, plus it is expensive to just hookup one house or business at a time.  That is why we launched the CrowdFiber site (click here) so we can aggregate interest and hook up people in groups when it makes sense financially.

It may be fine to send emails, download songs or share family photos.  If you want to log on to the corporate LAN from home and work effectively, or run a home-based business, you’ll need more.  And what about uploading a high-def video of your child’s football game, or sitting down to dinner virtually with family members a thousand miles away?

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The equipment used to send light signals over glass fiber keeps getting better.   So equipping an existing fiber network with new electronics and with lasers that pulse light faster, or lasers that use different wavelengths of light, can vastly increase available bandwidth without changing the fiber itself.  New electronics are very cheap compared with the original cost of laying the fiber.  At the customer end, the system can be designed so that customers themselves can simply pull the old unit out and plug the new one in.  Therefore, once fiber has been deployed, network operators can keep increasing bandwidth as needed at very little cost.

 (2015, Fall). What Fiber Can Do For Your Community. Broadband Communities, 7-10.

In a network, bandwidth (what engineers call bitrate) is the ability to carry information.  The more bandwidth a network has, the more information it can carry in a given amount of time.  Networks with high bandwidth also tend to be more reliable because fewer bottlenecks disturb the flow of information.

You will also hear this referred to a "symmetrical service".....ever run a speed test on your laptop at home?  If you're lucky you get 25Mbps (Megabits Per Second) download and maybe 9 or 10 Mbps upload.   Not great...yeah we know!  With the OpenCape Network you can access symmetrical service...your uploads AND downloads will be blazing fast.

In the debate about fiber versus copper-based broadband, people tend to argue in terms of downstream bandwidth because most users need more downstream bandwidth than upstream – especially for bringing video entertainment into the home.  But emerging consumer uses such as home video uploads, computer games, distance learning, video communications and telemedicine may require as much upstream bandwidth as downstream.  Small businesses, often home-based, may need upstream bandwidth as well – imagine a wedding photographer sending proofs by email to clients.  Larger businesses may wish to copy all their working data files for safekeeping to a remote computer center.

We have 1/2 and full racks available in our 2,500sf data center delivering all facets of data protection – human errors, hardware/software failures, disasters such as theft, fire, flooding, etc. 600kw diesel generator for long term backup power

OpenCape Corporation, a fully accredited 501 (c)(3), was formed in 2006 based on the desire of motivated individuals to provide Southeastern Massachusetts, the Cape & Islands with the infrastructure to allow it to service residents, provide a choice regarding connectivity and compete in the new economy.

Rarely can one gift have such far reaching impact on communities. How so?  Your single gift can impact so many areas of concern.....By utilizing your gifts to connect more Community Anchor Institutions, like libraries, public safety, schools, hospitals, and even neighborhoods we are adding to the fabric of our community and helping drive Growth, Economic Development and thriving communities. 

Your gift also directly supports OpenCape and our efforts to advocate for connecting towns and communities.  OpenCape is an advocate for choice and our presence alone will offer towns, businesses and residents a choice when it comes to Internet connectivity.  When you have a choice, everyone wins.

So consider becoming a major donor.  Consider a gift to connect your community.   Donate today

No.  Cable, DSL and even wireless networks are usually heavily oversubscribed – that is, providers promise users more than the total amount of available bandwidth because they know all users aren’t going full throttle most of the time.  As a result, networks slow down during periods of heavy use, such as when teenagers come home from school.  Copper networks are also more subject to speed degradation due to the condition of the wiring.  Fiber has enough bandwidth and reliability that providers can guarantee high speeds with little or no oversubscription.  If a fiber network is designed properly, users will always get the speeds that are advertised – or better.  Data published by the FCC in February 2013 showed that, on average, fiber-to-the-home services delivered 115 percent of their advertised speeds.

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