Fast. Reliable. Internet. Everywhere.

Fiber Feeds Everything Better

Fiber Gives You the Edge

There are many significant advantages for businesses when you upgrade to a 100% fiber network. OpenCape Fiber Optic Broadband Services Offer These Unique Advantages:

  • No Data Bottlenecks 
  • Minimal Latency  - Symmetrical upload/download speeds
  • Higher Reliability - Our network architecture is designed with geographic diversity, ring architecture and multiple termination points to the global IP network, to ensure fewer outages.
  • Lower Cost
  • Greater Security

Now that an ultra-advanced fiber optic network is here, on The Cape & Islands and across Southeastern Massachusetts, consider what that might mean for your business. How speed, reliability, access and cost savings can help you meet your business goals and improve services to your customers.

The OpenCape fiber optic network was built to meet the demands of high speed data access and to pave the way for a digital future for Cape Cod businesses. Our fiber network is constantly growing, adding more lines extending from our original “middle mile.” If fiber is available near your business, you should strongly consider taking advantage of a move to a 100% fiber network.

Only you know what is truly best for your business, but there are some compellingly solid reasons to seriously consider switching to fiber.

OpenCape is a local non-profit organization right here on Cape Cod and our mission is to help your local company succeed. We are happy to explain what our fiber network could mean to your business, explore your broadband options, and help you make the right decision. Call us anytime to schedule a personalized meeting, at your offices or ours.