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Fiber Feeds Everything Better

Symmetrical Bandwith and Low Latency set OpenCape apart

The OpenCape fiber optic network was purpose built for the demands of high speed data access and does not suffer the challenges that other re-purposed, pre-existing networks experience.   Plain and simple..we were built for the future, not the past.

Now that an ultra-advanced fiber optic network is in Southeastern MA and The Cape & Islands, think what that might mean for your business?

The more office buildings and businesses that are connected to fiber, the more the fiber network spreads, making it simpler and less expensive to upgrade. The closer existing fiber lines are to your facility, the more affordable it is to get fiber connected. If fiber is available, you should strongly consider taking advantage of a move to a 100% fiber network.

Any move has the potential to impact the way you connect to cloud-based services, your remote servers, and the web in general, and should be handled with care. To complicate things further, you may be satisfied with the dependability, bandwidth and speed you’re currently getting with your DSL or cable modem connection, or you might have heard some outdated or otherwise misleading information about how fiber works.

Let’s make this decision a bit easier on you by taking a look at some of the key advantages associated with upgrading to fiber.  Download the PDF here

Opting for Fiber Optics

Only you know what is truly best for your business, but there are some compellingly solid reasons to seriously consider switching to fiber. If you’d like any further help tackling this decision, feel free to contact us.  We’ll be happy to explore options with you.