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Why Fiber?

Imagine the potential...Imagine your potential

Take a moment and think about how your usage of connected devices has changed in the past 12 months. Now imagine that in 2 years and you will have some perspective on something called the "Internet of Things" and how it will impact your life and impact your connectivity requirements. The good news is that if you live in Southeastern Massachusetts, the Cape or the Islands, then you are in close proximity to one of the most sophisticated fiber optic networks on the planet.

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OpenCape envisions a future when widespread and reliable network coverage is the driving force for commerce, new economic centers and business growth that is developed from Cape Cod to New Bedford to Providence. This development will revolutionize the way we work and live - from historic commuting patterns, to advanced home monitoring and telehealth applications, allowing senior citizens to remain in their homes longer by connecting through the network to their healthcare providers.

But there’s more to being a fiber community than just the services the network offers. The money people spend for these services will stay in the local economy. There will be more professional opportunities here, and our home businesses will be more productive. The value of your property will increase by having high-speed Internet available. Our schools will be able to take full advantage of the Internet to educate our kids when they have high-speed access at home. 

Fiber truly is the pathway to a better future for our communities. Let’s take it! 

Take Action Today!

Vote for Fiber in your Town or Neighborhood Today

Click here to add your name and location to our CrowdFiber Tool. Get your friends and neighbors to participate in our campaign so that we can gather data to prioritize fiber to the home (FTTH) initiatives.

Forward looking organizations are looking to build FTTH networks. Most property developers can enhance the value of their real estate by putting fiber into new properties or upgrading existing properties. Broadband connectivity is a key enabling infrastructure for economic competitiveness. The communities of Southeastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod, the South Coast, and the South Shore, now have the most modern broadband technology available.

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