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It's Simple, Fiber equals Growth

Fiber is the platform best able to deliver the services of today – high-speed Internet and the host of services that can also be delivered "over the top" – including emerging services like telemedicine, home security and the “Internet of Things,” and future services we can’t even imagine yet.

Fiber optic cables have a usable life of decades, and a capacity so vast it has not been fully measured. By replacing the electronic devices that drive the network, it can be upgraded to deliver new applications as technology evolves. That’s why fiber is the leading platform for 21st century telecommunications. Because it is high-performance and future-proof.

For too long we've been making due with connections to the Internet via satellite, cable, or DSL.  Fiber will render these as obsolete as a dial-up connection. DSL and Cable, delivered over aging copper telephone wires and equipment, is on its way out: “in areas that are more rural and more sparsely populated....incumbent providers refuse to invest in more rural areas. If we are going to make the effort and investment to bring high-speed Internet to everyone, we need to implement a solution that will serve our needs today and tomorrow. A solution that will make our towns attractive to new businesses and young families with kids. A solution that will enable distance learning, remote job training and all kinds of entertainment. That solution is fiber.

FACT:  OpenCape has built a state-of-the-art fiber optic network that is on par with the most sophisticated and technically proficient fiber networks in the world.

Connecting to the OpenCape network means superior infrastructure, economies of scale and uniformity of service. In today's fast paced environment effective government necessitates quick decision making and the technology to make it possible.  For towns in Southeastern MA, the Cape and Islands connecting to the OpenCape network is an achievable goal that delivers immediate and measurable benefits.

map_capenet_large.jpg#asset:118The OpenCape 100% fiber optic network provides local government the resources necessary to better serve the communities of Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod & the Islands.

Servicing Towns

The OpenCape network offers town and county governments the opportunity to access a high-speed network connecting multiple towns and cities to share data intensive applications.

Once connected to the fiber optic network, municipalities can purchase access or in the case of the 15 Cape towns, have access thanks to a commitment made by the Cape Cod Commission to provide connectivity to towns.  These Cape towns have access to multiple 20 Gbps service rings with individual connections at each site at 1Gbps and connectivity into the Regional Collocation Data Center located in Barnstable. This allows information to be communicated within a town, from town to town, and district to district at lightning-quick speeds in direct paths between locations, not via the Internet. 

Various local government agencies and town departments, including schools, libraries and public safety organizations, already feel the positive effects of the OpenCape network. With no more worrying about data transfer speeds or connectivity problems, these agencies are now able to put their leadership and funding into other more critical areas, better serving local citizens and visitors to the area.

Though the regional wide area network concept was initially focused on the towns on the Cape and Islands, the architecture can be replicated in towns in southeastern Massachusetts along the OpenCape fiber optic network.

Other network expansions are planned and underway that will increase the availability of the network to other towns.  OpenCape is also evaluating other service offerings that may be applicable to formation of other wide area networks supporting more towns and we’re eager to work with towns on their specific needs.

OpenCape......Imagine the potential.

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