In 1910 Industrialist turned philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was the richest man in the World. By 1910 he had divested the bulk of of his fortune, but not before establishing and funding over 3,000 public libraries in the United States, Britain and Canada.  

Today OpenCape is the modern day equivalent, beyond the fact that we already connect 33 libraries on the Cape alone....we use our high speed, 100% fiber internet to ensure businesses can grow, expand and create jobs.  Connecting schools, research facilities and Universities.  Ensuring our healthcare providers are equipped to take advantage of the most recent technology, and enabling our public safety officials to work effectively in the worst conditions.  

OpenCape is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization and while we will gladly accept your donation of support in any amount.  Our focus in fundraising is tied to several major key initiatives like:

  • Main Street Connectivity Projects - OpenCape is seeking funding for Main Street projects to connect businesses and create an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation that will allow towns to move beyond tourism by creating year-round jobs and opportunities.   These projects typically cost $300,000.
  • Island's Fiber Extension Project - Both Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket require additional Fiber strands run to the Islands in order to meet demand and offer service.  This is a significant expense and OpenCape is currently trying to raise $6,000,000 to accomplish the task.
  • Provincetown - OpenCape is eager to extend our fiber backbone down Bradford to the West End and then circle back up Commercial Street.  This would allow us to connect significantly more customers.  The build would be @ 10,800 linear feet of fiber + pole attachments.  Anticipated cost $143,532.
  • Village Connectivity - Imagine giving a leadership gift to connect your entire community, every household and every business.   The cost for each community and project is unique.

If a leadership gift of this nature is something that is of interest to you or your family, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss these projects, as well as, the goals and objectives you have for your philanthropy.   Please contact Steven Johnston, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director directly at 508-524-5905.