Customer Spotlight - November 2017

The Cape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing network (CLAMS) has worked with OpenCape since 2014 to maintain OpenCape network connectivity to 29 libraries on Cape Cod, including the Brooks Free Library in Harwich.

Library director Ginny Hewitt sees great value in the OpenCape services. “Here on the Cape we are fortunate that libraries were considered anchor institutions for the OpenCape network and the fiber connection was run to the libraries for free.” Hewitt says. “Not only do we have much higher speed connections, but OpenCape also provides the redundancy that means that we’ll be more likely to have Internet access when other providers’ service may be greatly reduced or unavailable.”

The Town of Harwich has been very proactive in emergency preparedness and funding for a generator for Brooks Free Library was approved in May. With emergency power and OpenCape Internet access, Hewitt feels that the Library will play an important part in assisting the community in the hours, days and weeks after any natural disaster, like a hurricane.  “Our traditional role of serving as an information and technology hub will become even more important after a disaster.” she says. “Libraries will serve as “Information First Responders” providing community members with access to accurate and reliable information and government instructions as well as the ability to communicate with family and friends, file insurance claims, complete online applications for assistance and the multitude of tasks required to begin to rebuild their lives.”

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