February 18, 2015

OpenCape Insight

Helping Sandwich Schools Following Cyberattack

Sandwich Public Schools recently were subject to a cyberattack that impacted their remote learning systems and OpenCape was called upon to help.

Chief Technical Officer Janek Chrzanowski said that IP addresses from China, India, Russia, and France were impacting cloud-based learning programs, thus hindering class sessions.

From there, IT workers had to figure out a way to filter unwanted traffic out of the school system’s cyber programs. "We went ahead and built filters on our internet routers to go ahead and limit that traffic to their firewalls," Chrzanowski said.

The situation that Sandwich Public Schools found themselves in is nothing new, Chrzanowski said, especially in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic as many people utilize online resources for work and school.

“Attacks on the internet are growing exponentially, for sure,” he continued.

Chrzanowski said that one way residents can stay safe from cyber attacks is to not click on any emails or links that may look suspicious.

Since many hackers and attackers have made sites look more and more legitimate, he added that it is always good to ask questions first before clicking on anything. Also, external firewalls on all computers and laptops should always be up-to-date.