How Fiber Will Power our Future

Southeastern Massachusetts, the Cape and Islands are at a historic crossroads...we have built a state-of-the-art fiber Network that is on par with the most sophisticated and technically proficient Fiber networks in the World.

The Federal, State and local dollars we received allowed us to build the Network, ahead of schedule, and under budget.  We were able to hook up 100+ Community Anchors Institutions (Schools, Libraries, and Municipalities) and we brought on a partner to start the process of offering service, at least initially, to the businesses that require additional connectivity to operate and flourish.  It is these businesses that provide jobs, pays taxes, and are part of the anchor institutions that make our communities work.

But what about future of the communities we want to live in?  Fiber and the impact it will have on our lives goes far beyond just faster Netflix or easier shopping.  I encourage individuals and businesses to join us in thinking about how we can use this technology to achieve so much more, including:
  • Make primary and secondary education reflective of the needs of our communities
  • Allow healthcare to be more efficient, more inclusive and accessible, no matter where you live.
  • Allowing Senior Citizens the ability of stay in their homes utilizing remote monitoring and sensors to ensure a safe and comfortable environment
  • Ensure public safety officials have the communications required to reach and respond to situations
  • Create a business climate that encourages and nurtures entrepreneurship and the development of businesses and industries that compliment and coexist with the environment and geography of the region
  • Allows researchers and scientists to have cutting edge tools they need for ground breaking work in global warming, environmental, animal welfare and ecology issues.
  • Provide the infrastructure required for towns, municipalities and utilities to service residents
  • Allow workers to utilize high speed connections to work from home and reduce burden on roads and bridges
  • Improve and streamline public transportation and utilization
  • Showcase our technological capabilities to the millions of tourist that visit our region each year.
  • Much, much more

What can you do to help in the process?

  1.      Donate today to OpenCape...every dollar raised helps us extend the network
  2.      Sign up for our email bulletins to stay informed
  3.      Take Action related to your community
  4.      Be a vocal supporter in your community