OpenCape launches CrowdFiber Tool to Measure and Target Demand

Building on the success of constructing the Network under budget and ahead of schedule, connecting over 100+ Community Anchor Institutions and servicing dozens of Enterprise Business clients.  OpenCape is looking to aggressively expand our service to further service Towns, Businesses and Residents.

In order to effectively drive this process forward we needed to first have a better understanding of the demand for service in Southeastern, MA, the Cape and the Islands.  In addition to providing top level data on where pockets of demand are, Crowdfiber also becomes a tool to discuss financing options with towns, municipalities, the Commonwealth and private investors.  In order to secure dollars to build out, we have to be able to demonstrate that there is a viable market for the services.  Simply supply and demand!

The Crowdfiber tool connected to this site (click here) is meant to serve as a means to collect and aggregate demand for service by asking a few simple questions, including:
  1. Address where you might be interested in service
  2. Are you a business or resident?  (yes some people will be both)
  3. An email address where we can follow up
  4. A speed test of your current connection ( why do we need this?)  because we can demonstrate that our region is indeed underserved with regards to connection speed in comparison with other regions locally and nationally.  This will assist us in securing funding for future buildouts
  5. Answer a few questions that will help us better understand your needs
  6. We simply ask you to tell friends, family, neighbors...the more people we can get to say " Yes I am interested"  the better

That's this doesn't mean that you have to switch service right now or that tomorrow a truck is going to show up at your home and connect you to the OpenCape Network.  What is means is that we will have an initial idea of who wants to learn more and where there is enough demand to justify building into neighborhoods and communities.

We will update you on our progress and work in conjunction with your communities to move the process forward.  Along the way if you wanted to make a donation, we are a 501c3 nonprofit and we would welcome the opportunity to have you support our initiative.  Your donation is fully tax deductible.  Click here to DONATE