December 10, 2020

OpenCape Spotlight

OpenCape's FREE Bandwidth Offer Readily Accepted

In response to OpenCape's announcement that it would offer 100% Free Bandwidth upgrades to customers. CEO Steven Johnston replied " We have turned up over 46 businesses in the last six days… from very large, to very small businesses and municipal clients as they try to make their way through this unprecedented time. "Some clients have requested an extra 50 or 100mbps second...and some clients have gone from 1GB of service to 2GB's. Really it is just about making sure their needs are met." Every client has been increased in under the 24 - 48 hour window and we continue to communicate with all our customers to meet their needs.

These turn-ups represent 6.2GB's of bandwidth that OpenCape is giving for free to businesses to assist their needs at this time.