Learn How Fiber Can Improve Our Lives and Our Community

We rely on the internet every day in a multitude of ways. It's how we stay in touch with loved ones. It's how we connect when we are working and learning. It keeps us safe and protected. It makes life easier and fun. When you understand the impact of internet connectivity on our lives and our community, it becomes easier to advocate for residential fiber in your town.

Communication & Entertainment

Everyone today uses the internet to stay in touch and to stream movies, TV and music. Fiber internet allows you to enjoy your entertainment without slowdowns or interruptions.


Many of us now have the ability to work remotely and require fast and symmetrical internet for video conferencing, document sharing and content uploads and downloads. Fiber internet makes this all possible without slowdowns.


These days, K-12 children are accessing homework via the web, college students are taking online courses, and individuals are engaging in distance learning. The symmetrical speeds of fiber internet are key to uploading and downloading assignments, communicating with educators and partnering with learning communities.

Smart Homes & Security

Homeowners want to protect their home and keep their family safe. Fiber internet provides strong and reliable service to ensure access to their smart home technology wherever they are.

Understand the Impact

Independent Living & Health Care

Telemedicine is being offered by more and more healthcare providers, and aging in place is made easier by automated devices and sensors. Both rely on reliable internet connectivity. Fiber internet allows patients to access vital information from home at a cost savings.

Public Safety

Fiber internet allows your Public Safety officials – fire, police, town managers and other first responders – to quickly and reliably communicate with each other and the public during emergencies of all kinds.


Businesses large and small help build economic development. High speed, reliable fiber internet allows existing businesses to stay competitive and attracts new businesses and entrepreneurs to our region.

Civic Engagement

Individuals can access live streaming of town and county meetings, engage in forums for public participation, and communicate with municipal officials. Fiber internet connectivity keeps communities vibrant.

We welcome your thoughts, questions, comments and suggestions, as we all work together toward a more connected tomorrow.


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