Connect Your Home Today!

One solution that is available, but may not fit every household's budget, is connecting your home with the same technology we use for businesses.  This enterprise level connection can be installed in your home and will deliver unparalleled dedicated/symmetrical internet.  There are some guidelines for those who may want to consider this option:

  • In order to meet the lowest connection cost of $3,950, the fiber must be on the poles directly outside your home.   (we can connect homes that are further from the fiber backbone, but the costs increase significantly)
  • We would need to place a small CPE Device in your home ( size of a small laptop)
  • You would need to take dedicated/symmetrical service which is more expensive than what you might get with your traditional cable network connection ( but it is significantly more robust), for example:

          20mbps/20mbps =$300 per month

          50mbps/50mbps =$450 per month

          100mbps/100mbps = $800 per month

          Service levels can be quoted up to 10GB dedicated