Fiber Optic Internet Solutions for Residents

OpenCape‘s state-of-the-art 100% Fiber Optic Network is capable of delivering all the connectivity residents would ever need. It is on par with the most sophisticated fiber optic network on the planet.

For those homeowners who need business-level service at their residence, OpenCape can offer dedicated symmetrical service if they are close enough to our 100% Fiber Network Backbone, and the homeowner feels that this enterprise-level connection cost is affordable for them.

However, at this time, the cost to build-out fiber to every home in our footprint – 45+ towns throughout the Cape, Islands and Southeastern Massachusetts – far exceeds OpenCape’s resources. Just to connect the 94,292 homes on Cape Cod alone would cost approximately $125 million. So, OpenCape has initiated a strategy to enable future residential connections.

We are capable of delivering all the connectivity residents would ever need

OpenCape's Ongoing Strategy for Connecting Residents to Fiber Optic Internet

Connecting Businesses & Municipalities

We're extending our 100% Fiber Network deeper into communities. These business-level build-outs mean that our 100% Fiber Network is regularly moving closer to surrounding residential neighborhoods, allowing for easier and more affordable access in the future.

Working with Towns & Community Groups

We're exploring Fiber-to-the-Home build-out strategies and financing. We believe that one of the best chances for residential fiber success in our region is for OpenCape to advocate and support local municipalities in their efforts to bring town-wide fiber connectivity to their residents at affordable prices.

Deploying Residential Pilot Programs

We're connecting select neighborhoods and multi/mixed-use buildings to our 100% Fiber Network. We are using these limited residential projects to test methods and best practices as well as to gauge consumer interest and satisfaction while we continue to support town initiatives.

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