Building Our Community through Advanced Internet Connectivity

Commercial Real Estate is a growing industry on Cape Cod, the Islands and throughout Southeastern MA.

Developers are actively building office, retail, industrial, and mixed-use developments across our region, while real estate brokers remain busy marketing both new and existing properties.

Fiber optic internet offers the most advanced means of communication available and broadband connectivity from OpenCape’s 100% Fiber Optic Network is appealing to prospective residents and commercial tenants because we deliver reliable high-speed internet service at affordable prices.

Key Benefits of Fiber Connectivity for Commercial Real Estate


OpenCape is the internet choice for developers who are looking to build in 100% fiber internet access to their new construction projects, at competitive prices and with the greatest level of customer support.

Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate brokers will find that OpenCape-connected properties offer high value to buyers and renters. Business owners, entrepreneurs and residents all require fast, robust, and resilient internet to thrive professionally and personally. OpenCape's 100% Fiber Optic Network is a selling point that brokers can count on.

Multi-Use Developments

Already OpenCape has connected several new multi-use developments, with more planned. These residential pilots are allowing us to test best practices for deployment and to confirm the strong market appeal of 100% Fiber Optic internet connectivity.

Powering Commercial Real Estate
Adding value to mixed-use properties by delivering reliable high-speed internet service at affordable prices to commercial tenants and prospective residents