Every week hundreds of Cape Cod residents, frustrated by having one choice for Internet service in their home, ask us when and how they can get OpenCape high-speed connectivity in their home

The answer will require a combined effort of towns, businesses and residents. OpenCape’s original middle mile fiber optic network was installed as a Federally and State funded initiative. Businesses, organizations and municipalities who have connected to it via lateral lines have paid fees for the connection - fees that are cost prohibitive for individual homes.

Here are a couple of scenarios that OpenCape and State, Town and community leaders are envisioning in order to get OpenCape’s fast speed fiber network connected to all residents living on the Cape the Islands and Southeastern Massachusetts.

  1. Barnstable County and/or individual towns develop a community plan to get fiber to the homes via bonding, grants and other revenue generating solutions.
  2. Working directly with residents, we can start the conversation with interested neighborhoods or a large multiple dwelling unit(s) that are located close to our existing fiber. A solution like this would reduce the connection costs by sharing the build out fees across each unit or home in the neighborhood, spread over a period of years.

Are you ready to cut the cord?!

Across the nation, internet, phone and TV consumers are choosing to unplug from traditional cable and dish network services for their entertainment viewing and phone services - but they still need high speed internet in their homes.

There are many ways to craft your own television programming alternatives with streaming services and connection devices. OpenCape network uses technology that can provide 1 Gigabyte speeds - which is super fast, (at times - if everyone was on it at the same time - it might may go down to 600 Mbps which is very fast)

So whether you use Apple TV, Roku or other devices to stream your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and music services, you would be able to count on your internet being fast, reliable and consistent. AND - less expensive than the burdensome, bundled service you now are compelled to buy. Cordcuttingreport.com

Plus - your cell phones will work more reliably in your home with OpenCape connectivity to many popular mobile phone services.

Once either of the solutions mentioned above gets launched then you can take this route to faster, more affordable internet video and music in your home.