Fast. Reliable. Internet. Everywhere.

OpenCape is Critical Infrastructure

Many times in speeches and presentations we refer to the OpenCape Network as the "Third Bridge".  I use that reference to illustrate how we view the network, as core infrastructure, to be used as a tool to enhance and grow the economy of our region. 

Our heritage and geography has instilled us with an ability to make do with less.   Is that New England ingenuity or just plain old stubbornness?  In 2016 is that really necessary? Our world is changing rapidly; the onslaught of technology has created a whirlwind of opportunities. Opportunities that will change the fabric of our lives.  How we get to work, who we work for, where we work. Are we an owner? A Founder? An employee or all three?  

If you live on the Cape, Islands or Southeastern, MA chances are you currently have one choice, one option when it comes to Internet connectivity.  We are changing that and offering a choice.   A choice that allows towns, businesses and residents the chance to choose how they interact in this digital age.   But beyond that we are offering much, much more.   We are creating a platform for economic development, for growth, for innovation and disruption.

Our State-of-the-Art Network levels the playing field so that our region can compete, compete to attract, grow and retain business.  To use technology to ensure that our schools flourish.  To provide opportunities for our children to return home after college and work and live in the communities they love.  To allow patients to reach doctors and specialist around the corner or around the world.  To use technology to address pressing social problems like wastewater management, traffic and addiction.   

OpenCape is the infrastructure that will allow our communities to flourish for decades to come and Oh yeah! ....we also offer superfast Internet!

What can you do to help us?

1. Use the Crowdfiber tool on our website to say you are interested in service

2. Lead the discussion in your town regarding connecting every home, every business, every building

3. Support OpenCape.  We are a nonprofit organization and welcome your financial support