CapeSpace becomes one of first commercial customers using the OpenCape fiber optic network

Published on Wednesday, June 15, 2018, Cape & Plymouth Business Magazine

Barnstable, MA — Epitomizing a booming national and global trend, Cape Cod’s first full-service, shared workspace facility has opened its doors in Hyannis with high-speed, fiber-optic fed WiFi.

The CapeSpace facility includes private offices “touch down desks,” a shared business lounge, a café and meeting space complete with video conferencing and audio/visual equipment.

One of the leading selling points for CapeSpace is “The Cape’s fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi.” CapeNet, the local company that delivers high-speed broadband on the OpenCape fiber optic network, is the service provider making that claim possible.

“Having truly fast and reliable high-speed broadband is critical to the services we’re offering” said Robbin Orbison, president of CapeSpace.

While every town government and most schools on Cape Cod are already using the OpenCape network, Gigabit Internet speeds are not common for commercial businesses on Cape Cod. Neither is shared workspace.

As an industry-wide average, shared workspace is 30-40% less expensive than conventional commercial office space when all the costs of renting are considered. Shared workspace operations also offer many more amenities than traditional office space.

Between 2005 and 2012 the number of telecommuters in the U.S. increased by 79%. Today there are 3.2 million. The number of independent workers is currently 30 million, and that’s expected to hit 40 million by 2019. Worldwide, the mobile worker population is projected to reach 1.3 billion this year.

With growth like that, it’s no wonder Orbison saw the opportunity to establish a shared workspace facility on the Cape.“Today’s modern, mobile workforce wants space that accommodates their needs in terms of technology, equipment, budget, even amenities like coffee and snacks,” Orbison said. “For independent workers in particular, the biggest factor is the social aspect. We offer a way to belong to a community again and reduce the sense of isolation inherent in the nature of their jobs.”

Businesses in conventional office space can also turn to CapeSpace for swing space, or for offsite meetings, which surveys indicate are more productive than those held in-house. And, for Cape Cod’s countless business and vacation travelers, CapeSpace fills a critical need for temporary work and meeting space with connectivity.

CapeSpace is located at 100 Independence Drive in Hyannis. Online booking and more information are available via the CapeSpace website at